Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Female Figure Fusion III" Painting Female Figure Tutorial

Female Figure Fusion III" Painting Female Figure Tutorial
Over 2 hours of video tutorial. 3 figures, 13 chapters, e book and PS brushes..Chapters:

1) Sketching and Assigning basic values.
2) Assigning color to basic values.
3) Blocking in and building up skin tone.
4) Paint to bring out the form.
5) Clean up, simplify, and finish up
6) Sketch and block in high contrast figure.
7) Using values to create form & apply color.
8) Blocking in using colors.
9) Assigning values and colors.
10) Correcting proportion as you go.
11) Painting shoulders, arms and legs.
12) Painting forearms and refining figure.
13) Cleaning up and finish up.

Topics covered:

-Using monochrome approach in painting
-Painting figure in high contrast.
-Rough Sketching
-Female Body Construction
-Painting hands
-Working with Photoshop
-Painting hair with figure
-Constructing whole body and partial
-Breaking down values the simple way
-Blocking In Process
-Working with Values VS Colors
-Soft Edge vs Hard Edge
-Skintone variation in figure
-And many more

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